Originally from Kearney, Nebraska (a University Town of 30,000), I made my way to Washington State in 1973.

I was born into a world of music all around me. My Grandmother and her sisters started it all. I remember everyone sang and played piano and that my entire family "made-up" the Church Choir. While we were all still Sopranos, my Brother, Sister and I were a well known trio in our small town community. Our familiesí "Sunday" dinners were something to behold; full of fresh farm cooking and singing around the piano.

Although we didnít have a lot of money then, somehow my parents managed to get us piano lessons (voice lessons came mostly in college).

All through my Junior and Senior High School years, I was fortunate to have supportive teachers. I always got the solos and accompanied all the groups on piano. On May 19,1971, when I graduated from Kearney High School, I received a National Choral Award for outstanding achievement.

I think what really got me going in this direction was when my High School Music Teacher started teaching me Choral Conducting. He let me Conduct our Commencement Choir at my graduation. I canít tell you how thrilled I was! He also got me interested in the local Mens Barbershop Chorus he had just started. That was the real beginning in the Barbershop World.

When I began attending the University of Nebraska (UNK) in Kearney, I became interested in the Church organ. I studied hard and landed a part-time job at a local church, eventually becoming their permanent organist. I was hooked!

When I moved to Washington State in 1973, I began looking for a Church Organist position and was hired in December of 1974 as an Organist and Choir Director for a small church in Shoreline, WA. To make ends meets, I took a full time job in a retail store, which took me on another career path.

My Brother had preceded me in moving here and coaxed me into joining him in the Seattle Symphony Chorale. He attended the University of Washington and knew the Professor who conducted both Choirs.

I left the Seattle Symphony Chorale to accept an offer as the Music Director for the Lake Washington Singers, Womens Chorus, in Bellevue, WA. I led them in local performances for 2 years.

I then grabbed an opportunity to sing with the newly formed Seattle Choral Company, where I sang for 5 years. I assisted the Director in rehearsals and piano accompaniment. I studied conducting the the Director and gained much knowledge.

Next, I was offered and accepted a Music Directorís position with the Sno-King Mens Barbershop Chorus in Shoreline, WA. (SPEBSQSA). They hadnít competed in many years, so I agreed to take them to Contest for Evaluation. Eventually, the Chapter disbanned.

In 1985, I joined The Seattle Oratorio Society, mainly for an upcoming Christmas Concert, in which I was asked to solo in J.S. Bachís Magnificat.

In the 90ís I took a leave from the General Music Public to pursue my Church Music Ministry. However, I continue to follow Barbershop Music, while many of my friends are in local Choruses, including my sister, Karen Carter, who has been with Sweet Adelines Choruses for over 25 years.

After 26 years of service with the Seattle Congregational Church in Shoreline, WA, I accepted an offer in February of 2001 with the Monroe Congregational United Church of Christ in Monroe, WA., where I became their new Music Director and Organist. Since my time with them, I have linked with the Ecumenical Community. They have asked me to be their Musical Director, in which I help organize local participating churches with seasonal performances, such as Christmas and Easter. So far, itís an "expanding" community of 7 churches; we expect it to grow this year.

On August 1,2002, I became the new Director for the Lakeside Sweet Adelines Chorus from Bellevue, WA. To become a leader of an organization I have followed for many years is very exciting for me. I look forward to working with these wonderful musicians; that we will seek and achieve new levels of musical excellence and service to our community.

Keith Ruby