Volume 5, Issue 1

Moderator's Report

Dear Friends
This is my last letter to you as moderator. I deeply appreciate all the help and support I have received for the past two years. It has not always been an easy job, but with everyone's assistance I have managed to muddle through. About three years ago, when Judy Anderson asked me if I would consider being moderator-elect, little did I know what was in store. Following Hans as moderator, with his kind guidance and help, my term began uneventfully, but we have been through some roller coaster times since! It has been a time of losses and gains, comings and goings. We have said goodbye to two pastors, lost some well loved members of the congregation, and gained some. Keith has joined us, bringing spectacular music to our worship, what a wonderful addition. Betty has been stalwart (a stalwart Stewart?), keeping the office and doing all the necessary work of the church, the newsletter, bulletins, and generally keeping things moving and organized. As moderator-elect and moderator-elect-elect, Kayleen and Laurie have really stepped up to the challenge, I wish them the best of times. And, even though we have had no pastoral leadership for some months, the work and life of the church have gone on, with everyone pitching in and doing what needs to be done, what a great congregation we have!! Each one of you is special and wonderful in their own unique way, we have an amazing amount of talent here. If I thanked each one individually, it would be a list of the congregation, because I believe each of you has contributed something in your own way.

Our annual congregational meeting will be on Feb. 10, with a potluck and short meeting right after the worship service. I hope we can do some fun things, like door prizes, as well as all the business stuff. I hope as many of you as possible can attend, because it is important for us to have a quorum in order to accomplish the business of the church. Besides, the food is always great!

Our pastor search committee is still hard at work; we have scheduled two neutral pulpit dates, and will be reporting back. Rev. Christine Boardman, our conference interim minister, came and met with the search committee, and we had a great discussion and received some good ideas.

I am leaving this position as moderator in two pair of very capable and caring hands, those of Kayleen and Laurie. We will continue in the mission of this church, growing and maturing as we all move forward on our faith journey.

Much love to all of you!, Peace


Pastor Search Committees Report

The Pastor Search Committee has been hard at work again, seeking the right pastor for our church. Our initial expectation of easily placing the perfect candidate has been replaced with more seasoned (and realistic!!) expectations, as it is taking us longer than we had hoped.

Nevertheless, we are still optimistic and we are still interviewing candidates. We have a Neutral Pulpit scheduled for Sunday, January 27, and another scheduled for February 17. Both candidates have been recommended by the Conference, and we have interviewed each. We hope and pray that one of them turns out to be the right one for us. However, if we need to keep seeking candidates, the Conference has a few more names in the pipeline for us to consider.

We appreciate your hopes and prayers for our committee and for our search. We are earnestly searching for a pastor who will be the best fit for our congregation. It indeed takes time, as we want to have the best match...someone who can work part-time for us now, and someone who lives as close by as we can get, too! Just those two "easy" criteria don't even include the theological and spiritual needs! It's work, for sure.

We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, pray for a good fit....Thanks!

Kayleen Bryson
Pastor Search Committee Chairperson

News from CyberSpace

Like to write? Publish your material on our website.

A new section of our church website, called "Reflections", presents essays, poetry, or similar material by our membership. Currently, the page presents material by Betty Stewart and Rosella Roff.

Thanks, Betty and Rosella, for giving me this material!

Russ Browne

Music Dept. Annual Report

January, 2002

Greetings for the New Year!

Since it is "Annual Report" time in our Church, I sometimes find it difficult to try to briefly summarize all the events our church has experienced over the last 12 months. I have realized that in one month from now (February 18), I will have been with the church a full year. When I came on board, the church was in high energy. I had decided to go with the flow to experience just how my new church family did things as the seasons would come and go. We all seemed to dive right in while we prepared for the Lenten Season. It was an exciting time for me and we all came together to create new music.

During our 2001 Lenten Season, we participated in the Ecumenical Community Programs during Holy Week. What a great experience!

It appeared to me that in our late spring and summer months, we had a pretty good attendance and our choir continued with enthusiasm.

In September, we were all touched by many sadnessess. Somehow, music seems to help with the healing process. Our choir marched on and I believe our music played a roll in seeing us all through these trying times.

From Thanksgiving through Christmas we were blessed with Maria Hoaglund, who brought us good messages for the seasons. I hope it was a good experience for all.

We were also very blessed to add 2 new choir members, Terry McVey, Soprano and Linda Davison, Alto. Both brought us great talents during Christmas. And yes, we have hopes that they will become permanent fixtures on our choir and church family.

As we face new challenges in 2002, I am hoping to help bring our Music Department to new levels. We have a new Website, which I understand is highly visited. As we update our profiles and create new musical energies, I believe we can help increase our mem\-bership in the months ahead.

As our Lenten Season quickly approaches, plans are underway for another Ecumenical Event. Our Choir will soon be preparing for Easter as well. I would welcome any suggestions, requests and fresh ideas (from anyone) for these upcoming events.

I am looking forward to working with all of you in my second church year.

Musically Yours,
Keith Ruby

Christian Education

In an effort to attract families, the Christian Education committee is planning to begin holding childrens' activity sessions in the fellowship hall during the worship service. The plan is to begin by offering these once a month, increasing the frequency as we succeed in attracting families.

The first of these is to happen on Palm Sunday, which should fit in with our annual Palm Sunday parade.

We need volunteers to lead these sessions!

Leading these activity sessions is not as demanding as teaching a weekly Sunday School class. First off, it will only be once a month, at least to start. There is no lesson plan to read or background material to study up on. And we can trade off the leadership without spoiling the continuity of the class.

We'd like to have three leaders, who would work in pairs with the third person getting a break each month. Of course, having a fourth leader wouldn't hurt!

Palm Sunday, March 24, is coming up pretty fast, and we need to have a good plan for what do to when we get a bunch of kids into the

fellowship hall. Anybody interested in leading or planning these sessions should contact Russ Browne

Church Face Lift

As many of you are aware, the Fellowship Hall has had a bit of a face lift lately. This is an on going project and has been spearheaded by Kris Browne. Recently Rosella Roth financed a new gas insert for one of the fireplaces. Our living room is becoming quite cozy and there is more to go so stay tuned.

Another area that has been the topic of conversation around the tables after worship service is the sanctuary. Funds have been donated to put in new carpeting so that is a go. The choir loft is an area that has not been utilized to the fullest due to poor acoustics. A small group of stalwart volunteers have decided to combine the new carpet project with an investigation into improving the usability of the front of the sanctuary. They are looking for helpers to find acoustical contractors, contact the conference to see if they have sources and so on. Anyone with helpful input and an eye for form and color or just an interest in getting involved is welcome.

Contact Sue Bell, Carolyn Boyes, Joann Meeds, Karen Rich, or Keith Ruby.

Christmas Always

Christmas Always

Christmas is a time of joy,
It comes because of Jesus Boy;
Knowing Him brings real joy
When His advice we do employ.

We are humans as was He
Perfect He was, but O, not me!
It's His forgiveness we will feel
If only to Him we'll appeal.

His presence with us is each day
But we must know Him to feel that way;

So come and say "Hello" to Him,
He'll greet you just as next of kin.

So when the lights grow dim sometimes
And all seems lost or in disguise,
Just know He's there to take your hand
To help you onward through the sand.

Rosella Roff


Saturday, Jan. 26, second session, "Jesus of Nazareth," 7 p.m.
Sunday, Feb. 3, 10:30, Worship & Communion
Sunday, Feb. 10, Annual Meeting
Wednesday, Feb. 13, Ash Wednesday
Saturday, Feb. 23, Final Installment, "Jesus of Nazareth," 7 p.m.
Sunday, March 24, Palm Sunday
Sunday , March 31, Easter Sunday

"Don't let yesterday use up too much of today."

--Will Rogers