The following is from a report on the church prepared for the 50th anniversary celebration in 1955. For more extracts from that report, click here.

Compiled by Mrs. Inez Williams

On August twentieth 1905, nineteen men and women met in the Methodist Church for the purpose of organizing a Congregational Church in Monroe. After short devotionals, the first meeting was called to order by Rev. E. W. Reid. Rev. W. W. Scudder was chosen as moderator and Rev. J. M. Dick as scribe.

After several committee meetings and due consideration given to Congregational doctrine and policy, the organization of this Church was completed and the covenant taken on Sunday, Sept. 10, 1905.

So it was that the Monroe Congregational Church came into being and became a house of worship in the town of Monroe. The first permanent pastor of our church was Rev. W. L. Richardson, who occupied our pulpit from Nov. 12, 1905 until April 1910. Under his leadership lots were purchased and the present church building erected. This building was dedicated on Feb 17, 1907. It is interesting to note that in 1907 the church lots cost $470.00 and the erection of the building $3000.00.

Rev. M.A. Frost came to us in Nov. 1910 and served the Church for three years. During the time of his leadership the church hall was erected at a cost of $1200.00.

In May 1913 Rev. Rolls took the pastorate and served for three years.

Our next pastor was Rev. R. C. Waddell who was with us from Sept. 1916 to March 1918. By this time the church enrollment had reached a total of ninety-seven.

In Sept. 1919 Rev. Huff was called, but stayed only one year.

In Sept. 1920, Rev. J.1 Morgan Lewis took the pulpit and served until August 1925. During these five years, the lots south of the church and the parsonage on the corner of Ferry and MacDougal streets were purchased.

Rev. Allen Lee came to us in Nov. 1925 and served two years.

In 1927 Rev. Owen came, but stayed only one year and was followed by Rev. Vincent Widney.

Rev. Widney served the church for eight years, resigning in 1936 to take the Federated church in Nome, Alaska. During these eight years Rev. Widney did much to further the work and activity of the young people's groups in our church. He will also be remembered for his many dramatic programs, and the way in which he turned the church and parsonage grounds into a beautiful garden.

In 1937 Rev. Ellen Bradley came to us and has been our pastor for the past twenty years. Under here leadership two new women's organizations have come into being... the Scrooby Club and the Pelgrim Women. It has also been due to here unceasing efforts that all the improvements in the church properties have come about.

We have given you a very brief sketch of the church activities during its past fifty years. This is merely the statement of a few facts, a listing of a few milestones. They are important, yes, but we firmly believe that a church is made up entirely of individuals. The loyal, the devoted, the reverent, the energetic who give of their time and their energies truly make up the history of any church.